Marita and Her Heart's Desire
Family Concerts
February 7, 2016 – 1:00 pm or 3:30 pm
Rozsa Centre
Scott St. John, solo violin
Samantha Whelan Kotkas, narrator
Bruce Adolphe, composer
Claude Lapalme, conductor
and an ensemble of some of Calgary's finest musicians

Marita and Her Heart's Desire

Violinist Scott St. John and an instrumental ensemble bring musical fairy tales to life


Marita and Her Heart's Desire by Bruce Adolphe
Ferdinand the Bull by Alan Ridout

Activities (free)

Pre-concert crafts room starting one hour before each show
Post-concert cookies and juice

Concert Details

Marita and Her Heart's Desire is a magical, mysterious and funny story of a little girl who believes the moon can grant her heart's desire. She sets off to talk to the moon, which Marita thinks is sitting right on the roof of Harper's Department Store. On her way, she is joined by a slinky cat, a no-nonsense rat, a jaunty dog and a helpful mouse, all of whom want their hearts' desires too. In the end, the moon tells Marita to go home, and she discovers that home is where her heart's desire is, after all.

Composed in 1993 by Bruce Adolphe, Marita and Her Heart’s Desire was premiered by Itzhak Perlman and the Chamber Music Society of Lincoln Center in 1994. A “Peter and the Wolf”-type composition cutely brought to life by narration, puppetry and "jazzy" music. Each character in the story (Marita, the cat, the rat, the dog and the mouse) is represented by its own musical theme played on a different instrument.

Listen to excerpts of Marita and Her Heart's Desire on the Chamber Music Society of Lincoln Center's website.

Ferdinand the Bull is a musical setting of the Munro Leaf’s classical children’s book of the same name and is scored for solo violin and narrator. The book was first published in 1936 (it is one of the bestselling children’s books of all time) and set to music in 1971. It tells the story of Ferdinand, a peaceful bull who loves to sit and smell flowers. He is mistakenly carted off to a bullfight in Madrid, where he is believed to be the fiercest bull around. Ferdinand trots into the ring, only to sit and smell the flowers in the ladies hair. No matter what the frustrated matador and his helpers do, they cannot get Ferdinand to fight.

Ages: Recommended for children aged 5 to 12 but created with the entire family in mind.

Duration: Concert is approximately 50 minutes long.


Scott St. John - Solo Violin
Claude Lapalme - Conductor
Samantha Whelan Kotkas - Narrator
Dean Bareham - Puppeteer
Lucie Jones - Piccolo
Heather Haydu - Oboe
Ilana Dahl - Clarinet
Jonathan Gresl - Bassoon
Carsten Rubeling - Trombone
Louise Stuppard - Violin
Dean O’Brien - Viola
Janet Kuschak - Cello
Jonathan Yeoh - Bass
Gianetta Baril - Harp
Kyle Eustace - Percussion


Adult: $15
Senior/Student/Child: $12

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